Energy-Efficient Lighting 節能照明

Waterproof LED Floodlight


Features 特點:

  • Acceptable temperature to handle with: During operation, glass surface temperature a few degree Celsius higher than room temperature, body temperature at 45 degree Celsius only

  • Long-life LED lamps provide over 100,000 hours of service

  • Energy-saving operation

  • Power Consumption about only a quarter of that of conventional floodlights

  • Fully automatic, solid-state charger

  • Compact, stylish design suitable for using in all commercial and industrial area including offices, building, schools, libraries, warehouses, factories, hospitals, hotels, banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.


  • 安全不燙手:運作時,玻璃表面温度比室温只高攝氏幾度,燈體温度只有攝氏45度

  • 用LED燈的壽命長達100,000小時

  • 慳電運作功能

  • 耗電量約只有傳統射燈的四份之一

  • 全自動的電子恆流恆壓裝置

  • 輕巧,優雅外觀適合不同商業和工業場地使用,如寫字樓、大廈、學校、圖書館、貨倉、工廠、醫院、銀行、超級市場、商場等 

Specifications 規格:

Model No.





 Input Voltage


 AC 110 - 220V, 50Hz

 Ingress Protection


 IP 65



 225mm x 185mm x 128mm

225毫米 x 185毫米 x 128毫米

 280mm x 230mm x 360mm

280毫米 x 230毫米 x 360毫米