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About us


Apollo was founded in 2003. It is our mission to help build a sustainable and eco-friendly environment of living by means of energy-saving products. Our products make use of the LED technology in order to provide our clients with reliable products and increase of energy efficiency at the same time. Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a technology developed to reduce the use of energy while providing a substantial amount of light.

We have developed 2 major product lines - Evergy-Efficient Lighting and Fire Services Lighting, with over 20 lighting products. We offer a range of lighting products, from LED Automatic-Sensing Tube, Automatic Emergency Lights, to LED Exit Signs. We first established the Apollo LED Exit Sign Box in 2004, followed by LED T5 Light Tube. Apollo LED T5 Light Tube has been put on the market for many years, it is a stable and mature product. Our lighting products can save up to 78% of energy when compared to the traditional light tubes, which is highly energy efficient.

We keep on innovating new products as well as updating existing products to keep up with the energy-saving technology, and to provide our customers with our best products.



阿波羅始創於2003年,致力研發及提供節能照明產品,為保護環境出一分力。本公司擁有兩條主要的產品線 - 節能照明及消防照明,超過二十款照明產品。阿波羅的產品採用LED的技術,以節省能源,保護環境。LED(發光二極管)的照明投術可用較少的能源提供一定亮度的光源,此技術慳電、耐用,而且壽命長,所以已被廣泛使用。